Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where's The Turkey?

Hey Ladies! Another delayed holiday post!
This time I'm posting up my Thanksgiving/Fall mani from last year.  This is another glitter combo I thought worked well for both work and normal life.  I confess I've become a bit of a glitter addict lately, so a lot of my manicures will probably have some sort of glitter in them in the next coming weeks.  I don't do anything too bright though, since it's winter and I work in an office setting. 

Vixen 570 by Revlon
My base here is a very rich brown from Revlon.  It's a great color but I still love my Milani dark brown polish more.  The Revlon bottle just doesn't have the same level of shine compared with Milani.  I think that's why I decided to throw some glitter on top of it.
Crystal/Gold by Forever 21 Love & Beauty
The top coat is from Forever 21.  Love the way this slides on and the mix of big glitter with smaller pieces is cute. 
I added another top coat of clear to seal it all in but it really isn't necessary.  The glitter top should be enough and it lasts.  Picked it up at Times Square in NYC.  The place is still a complete mess but if you are willing to dig through their nail buckets...or bowls you can find good colors for cheap.
That's it for now.  Look out for my Valentine's Day look later this week. Until next time ladies! :)

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