Friday, March 7, 2014

The Essie Chronicles - Part One

Consider this my late Valentine's Day post.  I was a single girl this year and spent most of it working (being a career woman is tough on the love life!).  What wasn't tough? Doing my nails! :)
This week I'm introducing my favorite Essie polish...while also continuing my love affair with glitter.
Stroke of Brilliance by Essie

Let's all just take a moment and acknowledge the brilliance that is in this bottle! I have yet to find another shade of blue glitter that I like so much. I have yet to find another formula that goes on as smoothly and doesn't dry or clump.  I have yet to find a more perfect name for a bottle of polish. Can you tell I love this bottle? lol
Now yes, I may be hyping it up a bit but I really love it.  The glitter matches well with whatever color I use as a base.  It is my go-to bottle of glitter when I want to jazz something up.  In this case I wanted to brighten a purple polish from e.l.f.  The base was a little flat for me so I need an extra pop that still worked for...well work!
Lilac by e.l.f.
I used about three coats of this color.  It works well alone too but I just didn't want something so plain.  The e.l.f. bottle is part of this gigantic box of 14 e.l.f polishes that I got for Christmas from my wonderful friend Annie! She of course knows about my nail obsession and contributes accordingly.
The box has an awesome array of neutral and colorful shades.  It even adds in some glitter polishes that are pretty decent.  So far my favorite is the snowy sparkle one in the top right corner.  I have to admit this box is my first foray into e.l.f nail polish and I don't know if they sell any of these colors individually.  I haven't seen them in my regular drug store place.  I know Target sells the brand but haven't noticed if they do the polish too.  The formula isn't bad.  My mani didn't chip very quickly and the polish didn't clump as I was applying
I haven't used all the polishes yet so I'm basing my review on this very light purple and a neutral pink that I used during February.
Do you like the look? Work appropriate? Until next time ladies! :)

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