Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Please Mr. Postman!

Ladies, the postman was good to me this week and brought me a present!  Of course Amazon might have helped a bit too  ;p
Konad M73
The new addition to my already too big nail art collection is a Konad Image plate!   I bought it off Amazon for like 3 bucks (plus shipping and handling).  I wanted to see how different this one was to the one I found at Rite Aid.

I won't lie - I'm itching to get rid of my current polish and try one of these out.  But I'm holding out for Friday when I usually change polishes.
The current look is a dark cherry polish from Milani.   I didn't add any extra bells and whistles to this one because I've always loved the color on its own.
Black Cherry by Milani

Two coats does the trick with this brand.  I love how it goes on smoothly and doesn't chip at all.  I've had this one in my collection for years.  I have no clue if they still make it, but I highly recommend if anyone stumbles upon it.
Isn't it lovely? I'm going to be sad when I finish it up, I'm already half way to the end of the bottle.  It's become my go-to welcome fall/winter color.  What do you think?

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