Monday, October 7, 2013

End of Summer Strawberry!

Happy October! :)
Though you wouldn't believe it if you lived in NY.  The weather here has been hot during the day - 85 degrees last Wednesday - What is up with that?  I'm ready for fall and all my chunky sweaters and boots.   My mani this week is my official call to the end of summer weather.
I've recreated last year's post -- "End of Summer Kiwi"  - which is one of my most popular.  I've always loved it because it's got a classic look to it and it's super easy to do.
She's Pampered by Essie
I used Essie's "She's Pampered" as a base because it goes on with one coat and the color is beautiful.  I like using one coat polishes when I do dots because it's easier to work with and the dots don't smudge as much. 
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen - White
I used a Sally Hansen pen for the dots.  This one has been in my collection for ages and is starting to dry out...which pains me because these babies are expensive!! $10 a pen.  But I like them because it's less messy than using the thin brushes or bobby pins.  I've practiced with both and I just can't do it.  My hand shakes too much.
I can usually make the dots pretty even and you can play around with how small or big you want them with the pen.  For this look I always go with small dots because it looks more...I dunno elegant to me lol.  
Let me know your thoughts.  I have the day off tomorrow so I'll probably do my nails again and hopefully take some pics to post.  Until manana! :) 

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  1. Love it, It has a minnie mouse feeling to it! Cant go wrong with a simple yet elegant dotted manicure:)