Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An End of Summer Kiwi

So this is the last week of summer...let's all collectively groan on cue now --- ugh --- lol
Looking back, my nail adventures have been few and far between, but I'm proud of the designs I've accomplished so far.  I'm looking forward to the dark hues of fall (my favorite season!!) and hope to update more often.  For today, I'm sharing my end of summer look.  A very nice shade of light mint green with black polka dots - that reminded me of a kiwi for some reason.

This look is a repeat of an oldie I did a few months back called "Let's do the Polka!".  I didn't have time to go too crazy on my nails and this was a quick and easy design.
Sheri's Pistachio Creme by Brucci
I started off with three coats of Pistachio Creme by Brucci.  The color looks a bit blue in the picture, but it's really a very light shade of pistachio.
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen - Black
I let my nails dry for a few hours and then went back and used a black nail art pen by Sally Hansen for the dots.  I love the nail art pens because I don't need to worry about my shaky hands ruining the dots.  I just press and lift and the dot is perfect each time...well at least I think it's perfect lol.
I used two coats of clear top coat to seal in the dots.  It's important to note that if you don't use a top coat, the black ink bleeds onto the nails...which looks gross.  I would also wait a few minutes to make sure the dots have dried completely because the top coat can make the ink bleed too. 
I tried doing this same design with a toothpick and black polish, but I ended up with squiggles instead.  The nail art pens can be a bit expensive but I think definitely worth it.
What do you all think about the overall look?  I would love to get some feedback!  See you all next week!

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