Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poison Ivy....?

So last week's nails were a disaster.  I wasn't even planning to post them but I still want to keep track of the good, the bad, and the ugly of my nail adventures.

Last week I tried my hand at stamping.  I bought a Konad stamping plate ages ago on Amazon and I've tested it out a few times but as you can tell from the pictures...well I need more practice. 
Konad Stamping Plate: m73
I started off with a base of pastel yellow and decided to use the flower/ivy design for the stamp in a darker green polish.  Now the image transferred well onto the stamper, but I think I'm too slow in my stamping process.  My stamp would always smudge or not transfer completely onto my nail. 
Buttercup by Revlon and Slate by CQ
I'm wondering if the transfer issue was because of the quality of my polish.  Revlon is the expensive brand but CQ is really cheap.  It's about $2.99...does that make a difference? I'm afraid this is where my nail rookie label comes clue. lol  If there are any other bloggers (who are actually reading this!!) please chime in. 
This is my final disastrous picture.  My index and pinky finger look somewhat okay but my middle and ring finger are a complete mess.  Everything is smudged and seems to be bleeding onto the pastel yellow.  The yellow actually went on quite nicely (only two coats) and tried quickly.  The chips are a result of me taking the picture towards the end of my mani.  But I think overall the polish lasted a good three to four days.  Revlon's colorstay line has some beautiful pastel shades so I'm happy, I might pick up another bottle. 
Well that's it ladies - until the next nail adventure! :)

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