Monday, May 5, 2014

Pixie Dust

Happy May Ladies! :)

I start off this month with a pink look in honor of spring/summer.  The weather hasn't been very spring like though.  It was raining buckets a few days ago and is still so so outside.  Whatever, I want it to be spring so my nails will be colorful from now on!
I say colorful but my first look for the month is bit neutral.  It's a very light pink...almost flesh colored.  I was looking for something work appropriate for an event and picked this one out of my e.l.f. box.  I added neutral glitter to add some pop.
Nude by e.l.f.

This polish was a bit streaky and needed about two or three coats in order to cover the whole nail.  I know neutral polish is trending right now but I really don't understand the appeal.  Why would I want the polish to blend into my skin?  I used it for work but not so sure I would repeat the color on its own again. 
Full Spectrum by Sinful Colors
I've used this glitter before...not sure if I've photographed it but it usually is pretty solid.  It's a mix of pink and silver glitter - doesn't clump and has good coverage.  I like that it gives it a sort of monochromatic look to the nails.
What do you all think?  Until next time gals!! :)

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