Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Return!

EEK! It's been way too long since I last updated this blog.  First it was work and now it was my computer dying on me at the beginning of the summer.  I've been using an I-Pad as a computer source but it just isn't the same for blogging - no keyboard!
I finally got the computer fixed - or at least gave it some life support to keep going for a little longer.  I will likely have to invest in a new one soon before the end of the year, which is depressing because I'm attached and because I'm sort of going through a financial crisis - see below. 

As for what I have been up too...
1. Trying to work my way up the corporate ladder! Which means long hours at work. :(
2. Trying to cut down on my spending habits -- too much nail polish! lol Not really, but life has gotten very expensive lately (hence why it took so long to fix my laptop).  I've given my financial life a complete overhaul and I'm trying to live on a budget.  A hard thing to do when you live in New York and just one day of lunch can be $10 and up.
3. Trying to eat healthier.  The whole long hours at work = long hours in a chair.  I used to run (shocking fact for people who know me lol) It was my stress reliever.  And somehow I changed jobs and started working ridiculous hours and stopped working out.  Which is a no no for me - my goal is to look like Tina Turner when I'm 70.  I'm serious - has anyone seen that woman's legs! She is gorgeous! 
4. Still do my nails - just lost computer powers ...and sort of wanted to do them for me.  I think every nail blogger goes through this at some point - a break in the posting to just enjoy doing your nails for you again.

I will be back to posting.  I actually tweeted a preview of what next post will look like.  PINK! of course :)  Keep an eye out for it this week. 

Hope all is well ladies!
-Nail Rookie

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