Monday, March 10, 2014

A Dark and Starry Night

Another week, another set of nails! This week I'm posting up my Bloglovin account too.  I used to use blogger to keep track of everyone I follow but bloglovin is just easier.  If you have an account - follow me please! :)  Now on to this week's nails...

This week I'm posting one of my last winter looks before I start up with pastels for spring.  I did a a royal blue with a touch of gold.  I think it looks quite elegant! :)
The Mystic's Fortune by L'Oreal
I sadly didn't photograph the bottle for the gold polish but it's a Cover Girl bottle - seared bronze.  It's part of the Catching Fire collection, which were a bunch of different tints of gold, bronze, red and green (aka Katniss' favorite color! - yes I've read the book).  The bronze was my favorite and the bottle is small, which I'm really starting to appreciate because I'm running out of nail polish storage space!
I took several different shots of this look because I loved how it photographed.  The blue is beautiful and I really like how the light makes it shine.  I used about three coats of the blue and one stroke of the bronze.  I did the bronze free hand - my hand doesn't shake as much anymore!
I regret not buying another bottle from Cover Girls Catching Fire series.  It really is a nice shade of polish and it goes well with a lot of different colors because the bronze has hints of green and red in it.  I'm hoping they'll bring back the colors for the next movie this summer.
Well that's it for me ladies - St. Patty's look up next! :)

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