Friday, August 9, 2013

Introducing Ms. K

Hey All!
I've been away on vacation and haven't kept up with my blogging.  While I was away, I took the opportunity to let my nails go bare and give them a break from polish, so no mani pictures for now.  But I do have a special guest nail lover to introduce to you all.  Take a look at her tropical themed nails!

My first guest nail blogger is Ms. K!  She's an avid nail art junkie and has been stalking the blogs, watching YouTube and going nail crazy in secret for months now.  I've dragged her out of hiding and will be featuring some of her looks from time to time (that is if she ever lets me snap some pics! hint hint Ms. K!).

Now, I don't have any of her polishes to show you, but I do know that she used acrylics to get some of her effects.   I'm hoping to snap more of her beautiful hands and designs when I see her next.  I'll try to convince her to bring the polishes with her too!
Let me know if you like Ms. K's looks.  Till next time ladies! :)

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