Monday, May 27, 2013

Polish and a Guest

Ladies!!  This week I'm sharing a set of pictures from a few weeks ago that I never got a chance to post.  They include a very special guest!

My polish is a candy red from L'Oreal.  The color is off their summer/spring candy collection.  The color is beautiful!  The actual polish formula...not so much.
Jolly Lolly by L'Oreal
This is a jelly polish so I think the idea is for it to be very sheer.  But the formula just didn't work for me.  It took about 5 to 6 coats for it to look like the color in the bottle.  I didn't mind because it's an awesome color but it took ages to dry!!  I literally spent two hours just watching TV and killing time because I was so worried they would smudge.   I'm investing in one of those quick drying top-coats for the next time I use this color. 
But as you can see the wait was worth it.  The color is beautiful for summer and with all the coats of polish - no chips!  I literally had about 4 to 5 days of color before the first chip appeared.
Someone else decided to show off his nails in this picture!! Can you spot his nail color? lol
If you interested in this polish, I bought mine at CVS for about six dollars.  I think it was on sale because this brand tends to run more on the seven or eight dollar side.  I bought a blue off the same collection that I took pictures of already.  Same sort of issue, but completely worth it because the color is brilliant.  I'll upload pictures soon, but first you all have to see my special guest!! 
Isn't he adorable!!! He's my baby! :)  His name is Rocky and he's about seven years old - so not a baby but I treat him like one, lol.
Until next time ladies!!

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