Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bare With Me

Ladies! This week my nails are uncomfortably short.  I was doing some spring cleaning in the kitchen and all the pan scrubbing tore my nails apart.  It was quite painful!
I decided to file the ones that survived down and left them bare for a few days.  I took pics to chronicle the experience.
As you can see, there is major breakage on my index finger.  My nail started to peel at the top and I had to cut off the excess layer.  This isn't pretty but it usually only happens every once in a while when I've kept them in water too long or I've been eating sort of crummy.  I usually lay off the polish for a few days and use a lot of Sally Hansen nail hardener to speed up growth.
I also wanted to go bare because it has now been my one year blogger anniversary!!  I don't have many followers but I know (via my counter) that people do visit the page.  I'm very happy that I've kept this going so long!  And I wanted to document what my nails look like one year later.
I've been painting them almost every week (even if I don't blog about it always) and I worried that I would ruin my nails.  Happy to declare - not true!!  My nails look just the same as they did a year ago...well if you don't count the broken nails and  But I swear that's because of the pot scrubbing!
I think this year I'm going to dip into the whole cuticle oil craze I see other bloggers use for nail maintenance.  I tend to be a no fuss type of girl when it comes to beauty regimes.  I stick to the same routine for my nails -- file them a bit after each manicure and cover with Sally Hansen clear...that's pretty much it!  I also make an effort to go completely bare at least once a month to give my nails a break from polish.  
What do you all do to take care of your nails? Any suggestion for what I should do differently in-between manis? 

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