Thursday, April 4, 2013

International Love

Hello lovelies!
This past weekend I visited ULTA and bought two new polishes.  I couldn't help myself and I wiped off my Mermaid look early to go for a dark plum one.

I call this "international love" because both polishes are made in different countries.  My Essence bottle is made in France and my Samy bottle is imported from Ecuador.  Essence I bough at ULTA but the Samy was part of a set my Aunt gave me when she last visited.
"Vino de Uva" by Samy
The Samy is the base coat underneath the glitter.  I put on about three coats because the polish tends to fade at the tips when it comes in contact with water.  I think this happens because it has a bit of a matte tone to it.
"Party Princess" by Essence
Samy dries very quickly and definitely needs top coat to make it shine and stand out.  I added the coat of Party Princess on top to give it punch and make it a little more fun.  I finished it off with an extra coat of clear to seal everything in and prevent chips.
I really like this look.  It's slightly dark for spring (mainly b/c it doesn't really feel like spring in NYC yet) and it works well for work.  Feels like half sophisticated/half girly look that you can wear anywhere and not worry about people going - oo she's wearing glitter.
This Essence bottle is the first in my collection.  It was about a $1.48...very cheap and went on pretty smoothly.  I've seen other bloggers use it before but had never gotten a chance to find it.  I recommend!  They have nice shades and the polish doesn't clump from what I can tell.
My Samy bottle (which I have christened "Vino de Uva" aka "Grape Wine") is the third time I've used this color.  I doubt anyone can find it here in the U.S. as it's only distributed in Ecuador right now.   But polish is very rich in color and dries incredibility quickly.  Downside - the fading when washing your hands.  I would say skip on ordering/buying unless you are actually in Ecuador and come across it.   It's was a gift but would say it's probably a $1 a bottle.
I hope to have a new look again this weekend. 
Until then - Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

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