Monday, April 1, 2013

Under the Sea

Hey everyone!! Happy Easter :)

This is my first post in ages. Rather than give explanations (which all revolve around work) let's get straight to the main show - my nails!  This is week I went with glitter rather than any type of Easter theme.
I used a bottle of Sally Hansen's complete salon manicure.  I'm in love with this line!  It really does give you their promised salon manicure effect.  The polish lasts way longer than most and it is very chip resistant.  They have a wide range of colors but I only have two bottles - "Mermaid's Tale" and "Fiery Red" - both are awesome.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Mermaid's Tale
For this shade, I used about three coats to get the dark blue effect.  You could probably get away with using a darker shade as base and adding one coat of glitter on top too.  But I went with all glitter b/c I wanted the jelly effect and to make the glitter more of as subtle look.
Sally Hansen advertises this polish as a 5 steps in 1 bottle deal (base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color and top coat) but I still made a few alterations.  I used my own base coat underneath (extra layer of protection on your nail) and used my own top coat to finish it off.  I found that once the nails were dry the glitter gave it a bumpy feel and some of the glitter on the edges of my nail snagged on my clothes.   I did a quick coat of regular clear just to seal everything in.
I love the green glitter buried underneath the blue polish.  My next purchase will be their pale pink shades.  I can see those being excellent for the traditional french mani look.  I also want to see what they offer for the summer.  So far I've seen a lot of pale tan/bone shades, which are nice...but totally not summer friendly.
I hope to post again soon!  Let me know what you think about this shade.

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