Monday, October 29, 2012


Ladies!! I haven't updated in ages, mainly because of work.  But I did this week's mani (Halloween inspired) and figured it was time to start up my blogging again.  Tell me what you think! :)

Started off with a three coats of "Orange' by Forever 21.  I love the shade/formula.  It doesn't clump and the polish really only needs about two coats to make it match the color on the bottle.  It also isn't a very bright/loud shade of orange, more of a mustard look.
I added purple tips to give it a little pop of color.  I think they compliment each other nicely.  The french tips were done freehand and they aren't the straightest of edges - please excuse!
Purple by Phantom Frights and Orange by Forever 21
I picked up the purple at Walgreens as part of a Halloween set of little polish bottles.  None of the bottles have names but the company is called Phantom Frights.  From what I can tell they distribute to all the major NYC pharmacies.  I walked into a few other places and saw the same company selling Glow in the Dark polish and crackle looks.  But these baby bottles were the only ones I picked up this season.
The purple goes on matte so you will need to add on a final layer of clear polish to give it the shiny look.  But the orange is fine if you decide to skip the clear gloss on top.  I picked up this orange at Forever 21 in Time Square.  They've released a ton of new bottles but a fair warning to everyone, dig to the bottom of their bowl displays when you buy.  A lot of the bottles I found were open and bleeding onto each other.  It was slightly gross and sad to see all the good polish go to waste.
On a final note tonight, as you can probably tell by now, I live in NY.  They say we're going to be hit with the worst storm in over 70 years.   So far all I feel is heavy gusts of wind and cold air.  But I've stocked up on water and flashlights in case we lose power and things go bonkers.  I hope nothing happens! But to all my East Coasters - stay dry! and to everyone else - I hope you enjoy the start of your work week and have a very Happy Halloween! 

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