Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Experiment....

This week I sat down with my nail supplies and really had no set design in mind.   I decided to do some free hand art and see what happened.  I think my idea was good, but color choice could have been better. I ended up with this....
I really don't know what else to call it other than an experiment.  My sister suggested "bloody slashes" and my brother contributed "it looks like a Fast and the Furious car color."  I think I kind of agree with the bloody slashes lol.

Hurricane Paint and "Kermie's Step-brother" by Lizbel
I started off with three coats of bright green from Lizbel.  (Note! - The polish was part of the gift set my Aunt gave me and had no name.  So I've gone ahead and christened it "Kermie's step-brother" as it reminds me of Kermit the Frog. lol)  Polish goes on a bit sheer but it dries fairly quickly and didn't clump while layering on each nail.
I let that dry completely and then added on the dark pink stripes on top.  I was going for thick lines but my hands ended up shaking and length varied nail to nail.  I'm still a rookie at this!
I envisioned the yellow being right next to the pink...but that's not how it came out it once I finished.  I tried! lol  It's a bit messy but I think it worked for the three days that I rocked the look.  The polish chipped quickly so I've already traded this design in for a darker fall one. 
I'll post up my fall design later this week.  Until next time! :)

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