Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Not Neon!

Hello Ladies!  Hope everyone had a fabulous week.  Today I'm posting a mani from a few weeks ago.  I've been meaning to post it up for a while but work and exhaustion have kept me away.  This post will be very picture heavy as I was trying to figure out the best angle and light to capture the green in the polish.  The most important thing to note about this polish is that it's NOT a neon!  (even though it looks like one).
Natural Light

Also, if you look closely you will notice that this is my very first stamping mani!! Stamping - if you have never done before - is addicting.  I think even more addicting than glitter lol.  Since this is my first stamp experience, it isn't exactly perfect but that's okay.
Inside Light
I loved the color combo with the flowers so I think it worked out.  I started off with three coats of green from Color Club.  The actual polish is almost a leprechaun green...maybe just a shade darker but very bright.
Edie by Color Club - Electric by Revlon
The green in this picture is in no way near to what the actual color looks like.  But I thought I would at least try to capture it through different lighting. 
Inside/Natural Light - picture taken from my windowsill
The stamping comes exclusively from Rite Aid!! Yes you read that correctly - Rite Aid!  I was walking the aisles about a month ago and my eyes found a starter kid with one plate and stamping polish inside it.
Nail Art Stamping Kit by Fing'rs Flirt
I had a mini freak out and snatched the last kit before anyone knew what was happening lol.  I was very excited to find this.  I've been thinking of buying a Konad kit from for while, but always hesitated on actually getting it. The shipping and handling plus not knowing if the plate would actual be worth it always stopped me.  But this kit was great b/c I got to inspect it before I bought it.
The kit comes with the plate, the polish scraper, and a rubber applicator.  It was by far one of the easiest nail art experiences too. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to try it out first before moving on to Konad or another more expensive stamping brand.
I layered on a coat of Revlon yellow onto the plate, scraped off the excess polish, and used the rubber applicator to transfer the image onto my nail.  As you can tell from the picture, not every image was perfect when transferred.  But the whole process was fun and easy, so I didn't really care.   I practiced on two nails and then just went ahead and did all of them.
Natural Light
In natural light, the stamped images are barely visible.  I think that's because the polish was too pale to layer on over such a bright color.
Inside Light
But once inside, you could definitely tell the flowers were there.  I wonder how it would have looked if I had actually used the stamping polish they included in the kit.  I was more eager to stamp then actually follow the rules! hehe
Natural Light
If anyone is interested in the kit - $6.49 at Rite Aid.  I've been keeping an eye out in the other drug stores but I haven't seen it anywhere other than Rite Aid.  I'm currently on the hunt for the other two plates that Fing'res Flirt is selling in their product line.
Natural/Inside Light - Taken from my windowsill
Natural Light
Let me know what you all think.  Hope you've all enjoyed! Until next time! :) 

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