Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blue Moon

Hey Everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your summer. 
I took a mini vacation last week and visited the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.  I stopped by Amish country and fell in love with the people and the beautiful scenery.  But I ate way too much!  I definitely gained 10 pounds in the three days that I was there lol.  I also used my vaca as an opportunity to give my nails a break from polish.  I thought they would hold up nicely, but I ended up with almost all of them breaking and having to file them down.
With my nails so short, I thought I'd go simple this week and just wear a light shade of blue.  I decided to spice it up last minute and threw on some star/glitter polish I picked up at Forever 21.

The pictures aren't that great.  I did this mani on Tuesday and didn't get a chance to take pictures of it until today.  Some of the stars are starting to fall off and peel.  You can still see the faint imprint in the polish on my index finger nail.
This is a close up of my thumb.  I really liked this look and it was easy to apply.  The polish isn't too thick and the brush is big enough to grab a few stars in one dip.  It was a lot easier than the O.P.I. polish with the heart glitter in it.  That was a mess and I have yet to go back and try again.
Blue/Clear by Forever 21 and Kathy's Baby Blues by Brucci
I used a pastel blue from Brucci as a base coat underneath the stars.  I love Brucci polish but it's a shame that it's so hard to find.  I can only find it at independent beauty stores - Duane Reade/CVS/Rite Aid don't carry it anymore.
The Forever 21 polish was only $2.80 if anyone really likes it.  I picked it up at the Forever 21 in Times Square and it was one of the last bottles around.  I don't know if it's a hott seller or if it was just the location that made it hard to find.  I highly recommend - cheap and cute for summer.
Amish Country - Lancaster, PA
Finally, I leave you with this beautiful shot of an Amish man working on his land.  The house in the background doubles as a farm and I'm assuming is his.  I didn't take a shot of his actual face because I didn't want to be disrespectful.  They hate it when people take pictures of them.  But I couldn't help snapping one of him from behind.  It looks like a postcard shot!

Enjoy ladies! :)

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