Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barbie Goes To The Disco

I don't like my nails this week.  But because I swore that I would chronicle the good and the bad of my adventures in nail art...I've posted this.  I admit that I think it's better than my crackle disaster, but still up there with nail experiments I won't repeat again. lol
Magic Attraction by Color Club and Bubblegum Pink by Sally Hansen
I started with a base of Bubblegum Pink by Sally Hansen.  It reminded of the iconic Barbie pink and it had a nice shimmer to it.   My beef with this polish is that it's promoted as an "Xtreme wear" polish and it didn't even last a day!  It had chips in it by the next afternoon, which forced me to fill in the gaps for the pictures.
I then decided to make an accent nail with my new glitter polish from Color Club.  I love it! It goes on very clean and doesn't clump at all.  I definitely want to try again and see if I can make a different combo.  I think my mistake started when I added in the glitter to my thumb.
I used scotch tape to make a V shape and painted over it.  The V came out great...the combo I'm iffy about.  I feel like I should have just left it as one accent nail.  But alas - that's what experimentation is!
Do you like?  I don't have many pictures this week but I might try another V shape nail look this weekend in honor of July 4th.  I'll post more pics then.
Until next time nail lovers! :)

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