Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Great Crackle Disaster....

Ladies - I did what I swore I would never do - I bought a crackle.  My initial reaction to crackle polishes was mixed.  I thought some shades made fingernails look awesome and then others just made your hands look gross.  I mean when it comes down to are basically creating a chipped design on your fingernail.  Isn't the goal to avoid chipping?  At least that's my goal.  I love doing my nails, but I love it even more when the design and polish lasts me an entire week with minimal wear and tear.  It doesn't happen all the time...but yea that's the goal. 
Pretty Pink Punk by Wet n Wild and White Out by Lizbel
But this weekend I was walking down the aisles of Rite Aid and came across Pretty Pink Punk by Wet n Wild.  With a name like Pretty Pink Punk, did anyone seriously think I wasn't going to pick that up and buy it? lol I loved the color and the fact that it was a crackle...intrigued me.  I figured - what the hell.  I've already joined the glitter madness - why not crackle?   But then I got home and this happened...

I'm still on the fence on what to call this mani.  The idea is fun and the color is brilliant (it's pink!) but I just find it messy.  I feel like I was wiping off polish and this is the residue that was left behind.  Don't hate me crackle lovers! I just have mixed emotions on this one.
I started off with a base of White Out by Lizbel (polish named by me) and then added the crackle on top.  One stroke of the polish is enough because if you add two strokes it clumps.  I ended up redoing two nails while trying to figure out how it worked.  
Initially I wanted to wipe it off but I convinced myself to give it a day and see if it grew on me.  The look is very rocker...sort of reminds me of denim too.  But I'll admit that while at work I had moments of "this is really cute" and then I had moments of "this is so awful - why haven't I wiped this off yet?!" lol  But reactions from work colleagues were all positive.  They called it trendy and my favorite from my male co-worker "different" (trying to interpret that as positive).
What do you all think - a hit or a miss here? I'm not sure if I want to repeat this look.  I might try it with a different base coat underneath to see if it makes a difference.
If you really like the look - Rite Aid is selling the polish for $2.99.  The entire collection is based off neons - I would recommend the Pink Punk and the green and orange shades.
I'll be leaving this look on for another day and see how it feels.  But I might just redo my nails again later this week.
Until next time ladies!  :)

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