Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Confetti My Heart

Hello!  :)
I have not been a faithful blogger...but I have been a faithful nail lover!! lol  I just haven't had time to take pictures as much as I would like.  I will strive to be better!
Since my last post - I've bought three more bottles of polish (yes it's an addiction I'm not fighting) and a few nail art pens.  I decided to go dotty this week to try out the pens and see what I came up with as a design. 
Turquoise & Caicos by Essie
I started off with a Essie's Turquoise & Caicos as a base.  It's a sea green color that reminds me of the ocean.  It goes on a bit shear so I ended up layering on about four coats to really get the color in the bottle.
Bright Blue & Hot Pink by Sally Hansen

I thought about doing a repeat of my previous dot look from March but decided to try something new.  I combined two pens and made a sideways look.
I wasn't striving for a perfect diagonal look, so a few nails aren't dotted in a perfect line.  But I like how the colors mesh with the sea green.  The Bright Blue pen is barely visible but it gives it a nice effect when paired up with the Hot Pink
 These close ups are taken in low light -- it's raining in NY so no natural light pics this week.  
Overall, I'm really digging the nail art pens.  I'm getting used to playing around with them so it's easier to apply and figure out what works.  I tried a couple of designs first and then went with this sideways look.  My only complaint is that each pen is almost $10!  I'm on the hunt to find a cheap store that sells them, but it seems like the same price everywhere I go in NY.
My Essie bottle was cheap though, I bought it at a discount store in Queens for about $4.99.  I was happy with my find and had enough left over to pick up a Color Club polish too! :)

Let me know what you all think 0 would love the feedback! - Until next time Nail lovers!

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