Monday, April 16, 2012

Pass Me A Grape

Hello my Chickadees!!!
I was out sick and work kept me away, but now that is no more!  I'm BACK!  :)
This week the weather is beautiful and I decided to sport a grape glitter combo to say hello to the new season.  I used to be iffy on glitter but now it seems like every other mani I do has glitter incorporated into it.  I've become a glitter fiend!
This week I used two polishes - Brucci and Wet n Wild Color icon.
It's All In The Cut by Wet n Wild Color Icon - Dani's Twisted Purple by Brucci
I started off with two coats of Brucci's purple -- which really could have been one coat but I was neurotic and did two -- and then laid on a clear top coat to seal it in.  My next step was figuring out how to add in the glitter.  At first I was going to do a classic french tip, but I decided to play around with tape instead.

I ended up laying strips of tape across my be nail sideways.  This time I was far better prepared on how to work with tape and I ended up layering all my nails first before applying the glitter.  The final effect was amazing!!
My nails sparkle every time they catch the light - I love it! :)  But be warned - Wet n Wild's glitter goes on smoothly but it can clump.  It was difficult at times to pull the tape off and I ended up using toothpicks to finish the job.  I had to add a layer of clear top coat to smooth out any mistakes and seal in the glitter so it didn't snag on anything after.
The picture above was taken in natural light and the picture below was taken in artificial light. 
I tried to take pictures in two different lights so everyone can see the different sparkle effects and the pink glitter in the polish. 
Excuse the blurriness on this one and tell me - Do you like it? Personally, I like the tape sideways look.  I might try it again without glitter and see how it comes out.
Until next time Nail lovers! :)