Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cake Mix

Hello Hello! :) I hope everyone is doing well!
This week's color is a combo of blue hues -- an old Color Club polish and Revlon's Whimsical.  I was leery about buying Whimisical because of all the mixed reviews on other blogs, but the soft color and glitter combination was too cute to pass up.
Blue Light by Color Club, Whimsical by Revlon
I started off with two coats of color club as a base and sealed it with a topcoat to avoid chipping.   I followed this up by several coats of Revlon.  And I say several coats because the glitter is hard to place on your nails with the brush.  So I ended up dotting the brush over each nails and trying to shake off the glitter.

I was successful on some nails but others were a bit bare.  I ended up going back after it dried a bit in order to fill in the gaps with more glitter.  Surprisingly the polish didn't clump or form air bubbles, which I was happy about.
It was hard to use the glitter but I really love the look.  It's nice to see it shimmer in the sunlight.  There are little flecks of silver mixed into the polish as well but they don't show up on camera.
I think you can see them a little bitter in this close up of the bottle.  From this picture you can also tell that the actual polish is a pale pale blue.  This is why I went with such a bright base coat underneath.  I don't think I would ever where Revlon's color alone...unless I layered on quite a few coats to make it show up. 
Overall, the look reminded me of cake mix specifically - lol I don't know why.  I think I just have food on the mind right now.  Let me know what you all think!
Until next time! :)

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