Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Addictions...

Currently, I have two major addictions in my life - Nail Polish (obviously) and Shoes (I own too many!).  So imagine my delight when a week ago my two addictions joined forces!

I live in New York and am such an avid shoe shopper that my sister and I are premier members of DSW - (that stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse for all those who live outside the U.S.).  What can I say.. we're shoe lovers...actually more like shoe hoarders lol. 

DSW was nice enough to invite a group of their most addicted shoppers to a private pre-opening party of their newest DSW store in the middle of 34th Street in Manhattan.

You can imagine how two shoe addicts felt upon receiving the invitation.  We were quite excited and even left work earlier to "beat the crowds." And I'm glad we did, we were blown away by the amount shoes!  They have three full floors of was literally shoe heaven! :)

The place was packed with women, music, and shoe giveaways.  I wasn't blessed with any free shoes that night, but I did enjoy the DJ, the free cake pops, and a glimpse at a shoe idol - Steve Madden.  He made a guest appearance and signed shoes and took pictures with fans.  I wasn't able to snag a spot on the line to meet him but I saw him from far away, which was fine with me b/c I really wanted to focus on getting through all the aisles.   I of course left with a pair of shoes -- a new pair of wedges by Unisa (very pretty and comfy!) 

But my favorite part of the night was the ride back home when I ripped open the goody bag the wonderful people at DSW gave out at the end of the night.
They gave me NAIL POLISH!! I was over the moon! lol  My bag had a free Lorac (Polished Poli) Lip Gloss, a Dry Skin Hand Cream from L'Occitane, an Anise (Exotic Choices) polish, and free chocolate covered popcorn candy.   The ride home sealed the deal for me on going back to this store!  :)
Exotic Choices by Anise
 And to top it off - polish was PINK!  I fell in love with it on the spot.  I used it as this week's nail color and added a little twist and tried to give it a french manicure look.  I used a very light purple to make my tips but it came out looking more like white in the end now that I look at it.
The color goes on quite smoothly and you only really need one coat to cover your whole nail.  I did notice that it goes on kind of matte like and had very little shimmer or gloss to it.  But I liked the finished look so I skipped adding a clear sealing coat on top to make the polish shimmer.  I just added clear to the very tips so that they wouldn't chip.
 My lighting isn't the best in these pictures but I tired to get a close up so you could see the color.
A big Thank You to DSW for the free polish! I love it!  See you all next week -- I'll be posting my St. Patty's day look :)

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