Monday, March 5, 2012

Dash Of Spring

Howdy! :)
This week is all about welcoming spring back.  I have quite a few winter polishes left over that still need to be used so I'm going to do a mix and match of bright and dark colors.  Last week's polish was mostly dark with a dash of yellow.  You like? :)
I'm sorry for the nail quality.  I took the picture after a week of wearing the color so you can see a bit of my nail growing out.  I had to fill out a few chips but they're hardly noticeable.  I think the color held up well actually. 
Go Overboard by Essie

I splurged on this Essie bottle - $8.50 - which was painful for my wallet at the end of the day, but it was such a pretty teal color!  I hate that Essie is so expensive.  The cheapest I've found it is at $7.25 when it's on sale at my local drug stores.
I tired to do a close up of the yellow dashes, but my camera wasn't the best on this day.   I used a yellow nail art bottle from Hurricane Paint to create each dash.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the bottle but it's been in my collection for years.  The label has fallen off and now it's just a white cap with yellow polish in it.

I'm currently working on this week's mani - courtesy of DSW shoe store.  Stay tuned as I'll be previewing their color and some other goodies I picked up when I visited last week.

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