Monday, February 27, 2012

Her Royal Glitterness

Yup, the glitter has arrived! 
I succumbed to the glitter craze a few weeks ago and bought a bottle of Frenzy by Sinful Colors.  The tiny specks of light blue mixed with purple called to me while I was shopping at Target.  Actually a lot of the bottles at Target called to me but I decided to go with the least expensive of the bunch (Essie was 8.50!) and picked the Sinful Colors brand.  So far it's become one of favorite color combinations.
Royalty by Melamy and Frenzy by Sinful Color
I layered it on top of a coat of one of my new Melamy colors (which I've gone and named Royalty).  I went with two coats of Royalty and two coats of Frenzy. 

I think the purple underneath made for nice base coat for the glitter to really shine on top.  I might try a blue base coat next time and go for an all blue look.
I've tried looking for this color again in other places but it looks like Target is the only place that is really selling and stocking it.  There is another bottle that's a blue glitter combination (sort of a little mermaid blue) but I've only really seen that one at my local CVS store.
My only pet peeve with this look is how difficult it was to remove after.  It took ages!!!  I ended up soaking my nails in the shower so I could peel some of it off with my fingers.  It did not look pretty for a few days while I tried to take it all off. 
I'll definitely be using this color again but probably just as a design or tip color.  I'll have to plan ahead if I want to do the whole nail and buy myself a stronger polish remover.  But I must admit the final overall product was worth it - love the glitter!

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