Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinky Pink

:::gasp::: Two posts - In one week!
I decided to post up my mani from last week.  As you can probably tell by my blog design...I like Pink.  :)
It is one of my favorite colors and last week my beautiful Aunt contributed to my nail polish collection with a new bottle of pink polish.  Actually she gave me a gift of about 12 bottles of new polish.  I love her!!!
I will incorporate several of the colors into my nail designs in the following weeks but I decided to start off with Pink. 
Melamy "esmalte con endurecedor"

This bottle doesn't have any type of cute label on it (my favorite part of nail polish) so I decided to christian it "Pinky Pink".  The company that makes it is Melamy and they include a slogan underneath which translates to "Polish with Hardener".  The small fine print says the polish was made in Columbia, though that isn't where my Aunt bought all the polishes. 

I think the color transferred well and it only took two coats to make it match the color on the bottle.  It also dried quickly, which I love because I always worry about smudges if the nails aren't set yet.
I had planned to add glitter into the mix or maybe some white tips but I loved the color so much that I decided to leave it bare.
A very big THANK YOU (GRACIAS!!!) to my Aunt for the present :)  I'm very excited for all the design possibilities!  I'll post up this week's color later in the week.

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