Monday, January 23, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

Happy New Year!! 
I know I haven't posted since Thanksgiving..which is horrible because my first post was basically around but what can you do? I work a lot!  No excuse I know, but it's the truth!

Anyway - Lets talk Nails!  I have been taking pictures of my nails despite my poor blogging routine.  The one below was done for the first week of January.   I used two polishes (Brucci and Sinful Colors) and scotch tape to create my look.

First, I started off with a layer of Sally Hansen and then added three coats of Unicorn Yellow by Sinful Colors as a base.  I know three coats might seem excessive but I really wanted the yellow to pop when I added in the blue polish.  I let the yellow dry for about an hour and then tested to make sure there wasn't any chance of smudging when I added my tape.

Victoria's Blue Eyes By Brucci and Unicorn by Sinful Colors
To create the yellow lines I cut thin stripes of scotch tape and laid them over my nail diagonally (Again make sure the nail is dry!).  I recommend cutting all the stripes first and then placing them over each nail.  I tried to do each nail individually and it became a bit of a mess. 
After the tape was on the way I liked, I added a coat of blue polish on top.  I used Brucci's Victoria's Blue Eyes, which is gorgeous! It reminds me of summer and really shines in the daylight.  I'm a big fan of Brucci nail polishes.  I feel like they last a long time and they aren't too expensive either - I highly recommend! 
I let the blue dry for a few minutes and then slowly pulled off each strip of tape.  This was my favorite part of this mani because I loved seeing the effect at the end.  I think the combo of Blue and Yellow worked out well.  I remember I received quite a few compliments that week at work for it too!

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  1. That's really cute! You did a great job with the tape lines. I can see why you got so many compliments! :-)