Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Glitter and Hearts

So I decided to go with pink for this week's color. I was doing Black Friday shopping and picked up a bottle of Opi by Nicole - Love Your Life at Target. It was $6.50, which isn't much of a bargain but I couldn't help it. The pink hearts and glitter were too pretty to pass up!

(Confetti - Glass Slipper/CQ - Peachy Keen/Nicole by O.P.I. - Love Your Life)

I started off with a layer of Sally Hansen as a base and then added two coats of CQ's peachy keen. The actual hearts and glitter were a lot more difficult to apply than I imagined. The brush wouldn't pick up the little plastic hearts and when I did grab one...well they didn't exactly stick. But eventually I got the hang of it and was able to place a few hearts on each nail.

I added an extra layer of clear top coat on top to make sure the hearts didn't fall off.

My right hand isn't pictured here but looks fairly similar to the above.  It just took me twice as long to apply the hearts with my left hand.  But overall I'm happy with the finished look.  I would definitely try this one again with a darker shade underneath so the glitter and hearts can stand out more. 
Now I just hope that they don't chip!