Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to Nail Rookie!

I love doing my nails and have recently become obsessed with the nail art craze that has hit the nail world.  This blog is my attempt at changing up my nail polish adventures with something a little more fun.  I usually do my nails every week for work so I'll chronicle my attempts at nail art on a weekly basis.

But first a look at what my natural nails look like -
I have on Sally Hansen - Hard As Nails as a base.  I try to keep them trim and squared so they don't break as easily.   I find Sally Hansen to be the best brand to have on as a base under all types of nail polishes.

I'll post up my nail color of the week later today.  It's between Pink and Sea-green with a dash of glitter that seems to be everywhere lately.  But we shall see!

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